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Unlock Your Potential.
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Be Authentically You. 

Coaching, Bodywork and Sacred Intimacy

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About Me

Don is a healer, bodyworker, and sacred intimate. He offers one-on-one and group retreats workshops designed to help people access and connect to the powerful and deeply healing energies found within each one of us. His somatic work focuses on exploring ways to honor you body, expanding your capacity for pleasure, and discovering pathways that can lead to living your life to its fullest open-hearted and authentic potential.

Client Testimonials:

"He is kind, patient, genuinely concerned about his clients and their experience. This develops abiding sense of trust that leads to joy." 

My Offerings


News and Interviews

​Upcoming Workshops

  • Power, Surrender and Intimacy (Men), Chicago, IL - July 12-14

  • Celebrating the Body Erotic (Men), Atlanta GA - Sept 6-8

  • Celebrating the Body Erotic (Men), Sirenity Farms, MO - Sept 20-22

Interviews and Podcasts:

  • Check out my May 2024 interview on the "Not Going Quietly" podcast as we talk about the connection of Eros and Spirituality.      Click here to learn more.​

  • Interview with Bear World Magazine. Read more about Don's journey to releasing the shame, fear and body dysmorphia through the Body Electric School. Click here to read article.

  • Erotic Liberation Podcast (April 2023): Interview with Don regarding his erotic liberation journey and his path with Body Electric.  

Treatments and One on One Coaching

Create a unique experience tailored to you and your needs.

  • Feb 15-18, North American Bear - 2 Workshops (Lexington, KY)

  • March 1-3, Celebrating the Body Erotic (Men), Dayton, OH

  • March 8-10, Celebrating the Body Erotic (Men), Kansas City, MO

  • March 14-17, Power, Surrender, & Intimacy, Easton Mountain, NY

  • April 5-7, Celebrating the Body Erotic (Men), Asheville, NC

  • April 12-14, Celebrating the Body Erotic (Men) Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • April 26-28, Celebrating the Body Erotic (All Genders) Kansas City

  • June 3-9, Dear Love of Comrades (Men) Easton Mountain, NY

  • July 12-14, Power, Surrender, and Intimacy (Men) Chicago, IL

  • Sept 6-8, Celebrating the Body Erotic (Men) Atlanta, GA

  • Sept 13-15 - CBE2 - Introduction to Anal Pleasure (Men), Asheville, NC

  • Sept 20-22, Celebrating the Body Erotic (Men) Sirenity Farms, MO

  • Oct 6-10, Himeros Experience, Easton Mountain, New York

  • Oct 19-20, Celebrating the Body Erotic (Men) New York City, NY

  • Nov 1-3, Celebrating the Body Erotic (Men) Camp Buckwood, IN

  • Nov 8-10, Body Electric 40th Anniversary, Palm Springs, CA

  • Nov 15-17, Power, Surrender & Intimacy (Men) Sirenity Farms, MO

  • Dec 6-8, Celebrating the Body Erotic (Men), Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Dec 13-14, Tantra 1 for Men, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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More Testimonials . . .

Amazing. I didn't know how much I needed to do this work. Really appreciate your kindness and guidance. 

Donnie has a natural gift. He's part healer, part therapist. 90 minutes with him is one of the best investments I can give to myself.

I love Don's facilitation style. He's warm, engaging, and a lot of fun. As a leader, he's kind and generous with his time and knowledge.

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