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About Don

Don is a healer, sacred intimate, bodyworker, and coach. His focus is on helping people connect to the abundant and infinite supply of healing energy that lives in each of us. Together, we will work to explore ways to honor your body, expand your capacity for pleasure, and discover pathways toward living our lives to our fullest open-hearted and authentic potential.

Don has studied multiple modalities, including the Wheel of Consent, is a certified Myers-Briggs Type practitioner, and is a faculty member with the Body Electric School, hosting many in-person and online retreats and workshops. Learn more at


My Approach

My one-on-one sessions are full of ritual, breath, and touch. I strive to create a safe, warm and nurturing space to explore your capacity for receiving pleasure. I offer sessions privately in my home studio or available for out-calls. I create a temple space that invites sacred intimacy work - where you may experience the exhilarating sensation of connecting to the deepest parts of yourself: parts that you suspected were there but never before fully realized. 

With music, breathing and touch, we will raise and explore energy in your body. Based on Tantric and Taoist Massage principles, we will explore opportunities to expand your capacity for receiving pleasure. By eliminating shame, guilt, and fear from our deepest desires - we have the potential for expansion beyond our wildest dreams.

Before each session, we will discuss our mutual personal boundaries and limits. You are in control and consent, agency, and choice with your experience during our time together. These experiences can bring a spectrum of responses... exhilaration, tears, laughter, release - each time is unique, each time is bringing you home to yourself. 

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